Willis Johnson

Willis Johnson is the CEO and Founder of JBJ Management. He is responsible for oversight of all three divisions of JBJ Management which includes our consulting branch, the technology division and J&L Imperium which is our ready- mix concrete company. Additionally, he directs all marketing, sales, and business development activities.

Prior to founding JBJ Management, he shared his unique perspective with Dallas listeners for almost 30 years as the Morning Show host for Service Broadcasting Corporation, where he also worked as the Program/Promotions Director and supervised on-air talent and sales/promotions activities.

His tireless drive propels him to continually seek out new opportunities for his clients and for his own improvements. With over 30 years in broadcasting, advertising, marketing, and sales, Mr. Johnson benefits his clients by bringing extensive customer and business acumen. Previously at Brown & Johnson Production Company, Mr. Johnson acted as Executive Producer where he produced a nationally syndicated show called IMPACT. This show served in 65 markets and aired 1993-1998. More recently Willis and JBJ were brought on as political strategist to provide public relations and community outreach services to ReImagine RedBird. This project came to a political crossroad and Willis and the JBJ crisis Management team solved this crisis by meeting with the Mayor, City Manager & several  council members to raise their awareness about funding the process; the project infrastructure of $22 million was passed on the city councils agenda in a 15 to 0 vote.

In 2018 JBJ Management was contracted to oversee and monitor the MWBE participation of the Mill Creek Drainage Relief Tunnel through 2022. JBJ regularly checks in with minority contractors making sure they are being fairly paid with an overall good experience on the project and communicating with GC.  JBJ is currently contracted by Motorola to identify and develop business opportunities with government agencies like the city of Dallas and Dallas County. Willis has spent the last seven years working to position Motorola for Two-Way radio, computer aided dispatch (CAD) and vehicle body camera opportunities. To date, Motorola has been awarded several multimillion-dollar two-way radio contracts.

Willis earned a bachelor’s degree in Business/Communication from East Texas State University. Paul Quinn College awarded him an Honorary Doctorate after he created and coordinated $1 million college fundraising campaign. He sits on the Board of Directors for the Black Academy of Arts, Boy Scouts of America, Trinity Trust Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and the Salvation Army.

In 2019, Willis was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Dallas Business Journal. In addition, the Texas State Legislature, while in session, issued a resolution recognizing his contributions to the State of Texas.

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As the number of mobile users continues to outpace the number of desktop users, it should go without saying that…

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As the number of mobile users continues to outpace the number of desktop users, it should go without saying that…


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