Account Executive (Atlanta)

Latrecia Johnson

Latrecia Johnson is a highly motivated and accomplished professional offering well over twenty (20) years of experience in senior management.  She demonstrates the ability to have effective relationship building and is driven to promote excellence in every line of business.  Offering a strong background in project managing, customer service, analyzing company documentation, auditing, compliance, strategic planning, staff management, coaching and mentoring, community outreach, and coordinating projects.

Latrecia has experience working with multiple fortune 500 Companies as well as Project Management with Non-profit organizations that supply multiple community services to the community. She has been instrumental with analyzing and evaluating company conduct, individual, and investor audits.  She can assist in creating company regulations or processes in compliance and auditing. Latrecia can lead and train staff to ensure employees reach their highest potential. Manages and maintain curing actions and ensuring that all state and federal laws and guidelines are to minimize losses and legal concerns.

Achievement Highlights 

  • Partner with other departments within the company to assist with work-flow processes and to identify and reduce over 50% of issues that impact clients.
  • Reduce case management audit findings by 70% within 30 days.
  • Achieved monthly goals for completing 95% of transactions and responses to customers, investors, or 3rd party inquiries.
  • Analyzed and review quality results with executive leaders.
  • Identified quality trends and statistics.
  • Achieved 100% satisfaction rating on all annual State audits with the Texas Department of Agriculture.
  • Reduced spending and operation budget by identifying additional resources.
  • Over 4500 kids were nourished during the Summer Food Program.
  • Established relationships with Vendors for long-term business contracts.
  • Managed departmental budget for fundraising activities to aid in improving employee morale and increase departmental production.
  • Served as a Team Captain for the March of Dimes and United Way fundraiser. Obtained 80% participation from employees.
  • Interview and hired over 500 new employees.