“I enjoy tutoring and providing individuals with small business training.”

Duke Hamilton, JR.

Senior Vice President of JBJ Management & CTO of JBJ Technology

Senior Vice President at JBJ on the executive management team that defines and develops day-to-day business strategies for the company. Acts as lead on JBJ projects such as Methodist Hospital, AECOM/City of Dallas, and STV. In the JBJ Technology Division, manages projects like the Dallas County/Oracle, DISD/AECOM, and the Dallas County/Mesquite Government Center project with Suffolk.   

Primary expertise is in the area of project management and project oversight for all types of projects, including complex technology hardware and software type projects. 

Spent 20 years running a private technology firm plus another 15 years working for private and multinational technology firms such as Collins Radio/Rockwell International/Alcatel, Sprint Communications and WireAmerica.